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Skå Edeby airfield is a nice grass airfield just west of Stockholm, Sweden. It has been around since about 60 years. The airfield is run by Skå Flygplatsförening and has about 80 members.

The airfield is important for the general aviation community in Stockholm in particular, and in Sweden in general. It houses about 50 aircraft, most of them privately owned vintage or home built aircraft.

There is a flying club at the field, Tekniska Högskolans Flygklubb (THF) with about 100 members and three aircraft, which offers training to become a private pilot. Besides this there are also a number of instructors that can offer training in tailwheel, constant speed propeller, retractable gear and aerobatic rating.

Many private pilots are part of Frivilliga Flygkåren (FFK), a voluntary organisation that provides important services to the society. These include reconnaissance for forest fires, identification of vessels at sea, monitoring of activity around sensitive areas, etc.

Aircraft need service, and there is a mechanical shop at the airfield that completes the eco system.

There is more information about the history of the airfield on wikipedia.