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Welcome To Skå-Edeby Airfield

Skå-Edeby airfield (ESSE) is located within Ekerö Kommun south west of Stockholm and is the general aviation airfield closest to Stockholm.
It features ample parking space, possibility to refuel your aircraft and limited convenience facilities. Before your trip here you need to check the field conditions and NOTAM, and understand how to fly in the traffic circuit to aviod noise sensitive areas. Current fees are published here.

Current field status

NO PPR is required. Call for status!

Date: 2023-12-09
Closed due to snow. BA poor.


Fuel avalable is 100LL or 91/96 UL.
For fueling, contact / Text Michael Blomqvist +46706991220. Service my be limited du to staffing. Payment in cash SEK or EURO

.Alternativ for fuel is ESSU Eskilstuna Kjula,(10 min flight from ESSE) Mon-Fri daytime Call in advance TWR +461694020.


Parking is to the west of fuelstation.



Mälarö Taxi +46852011111. You are at Skå-Edeby Flygfält/Ska-Edeby Airfield


Stockholms Lokaltrafik (Stockholm Public Transport) (SL) has a journey planner at (also available in english). There are two bus stops near the airfield, one is called “Skå Edeby (Ekerö)” and one is called “Skå Flygfält (Ekerö)”. Search for journeys and then click on a journey and look at the map to see where the bus stops are located.
You can pay one way adult tickets on the bus with your credit card, or you can buy tickets with the app “SL-Reseplanerare och biljetter”.
The buses to and from the bus stops mentioned above are rather infrequent. An alternative is to walk about 3 km to “Svanhagen” and take a bus from there.


It is possible to rent a bicycle, and get it delivered to Skå-Edeby airfield, from El-cykelcenter with website or phone 08-560 447 00.

Grocery store, food

The nearest grocery store is ICA Svanhagen, distance about 3 km. Open every day 07-22, with possible variations on public holidays. Inside the club house you might find soda, a sandwich or similar, and some simple cooking facilities. Access to the club house may be granted by the official contact persons.